Rocket League Defeat For NCMC

Rocket League Defeat For NCMC

NCMC Pirates Esports faced Mount St. Joseph University in a head-to-head, best of five, Rocket League match on Monday night.  NCMC lost 3-0 in the matchup. 


Final scores in the individual games were as follows.  Also noted are the goal scorers for NCMC.

Game 1:  Lost 5-1  Derick Lopez scored the NCMC goal.

Game 2:  Lost 5-2  Lopez and Damian Cortez each scored a goal.

Game 3:  Lost 6-2  Again, Lopez and Cortez scored the NCMC goals.


Coach Flowers had these comments about his team's efforts.  "We had an off day in the Esports world all around; even at practice, something was off with everyone.  We had a bad day and need to forget about it and move forward to the next game.  Damian was suffering from the flu so he wasn't at his peak like normal.  With some good rest and proper care, he should be ready to go on Thursday.  We are still continuing to get better and making good progress."


NCMC players reflected on the night's action.  "We had an off night.  Our opponent came out aggressive and hungry to win.  Our aerials weren't as strong this time around and that's where they took advantage," detailed Team Captain Mario Castaneda.  "Everyone has good games and bad games; today just wasn't our day," added Lopez.  "That's not how we normally play; Good game to them but just wait till next game," concluded Cortez.


As a final note, eSports is looking for more alternates for Rocket League team if anyone is interested.  Contact Coach Chris Flowers for more information.