Overwatch Doubleheader Victory For Esports

Overwatch Doubleheader Victory For Esports

On Sunday, North Central Missouri College faced Butler University once again in Overwatch. Game one was played on the map Lijiang Tower and game two was played on the map Hollywood. The Pirates won the match 2-0. In the second matchup, the Pirates took another 2-0 victory against Stephens College.


NCMC already faced Butler earlier this season and knew their strengths and weaknesses. The Pirates used ranged dps to counter Butler's attempts at a Reinhardt/Symmetra composition on Hollywood.  On Lijiang, NCMC brought out the popular Pharmacy and Reaper dps combo to compliment the already strong Orisa/Hog tank line. 


Moving into game two, Stephens College was a new opponent for NCMC; they proved to be formidable. The Pirates used teamwork and synergy to overcome Stephens double shield composition on Lijiang to secure the first map win. On Numbani, the Pirates brought out a well-practiced strategy centered on Bastion and Orisa. This forced Stephens College to switch to counter picks in an attempt to dislodge NCMC's bunker.


Sunday marks the first doubleheader victory in NCMC eSports history. This demonstrated teamwork and flexibility that the team has gained over the past 6 weeks of practice.


Team captain Aaron Babcock had these comments about the matchups.  "The games we played Sunday were great. Everyone came together and put their best skills and abilities to the test, from the supports keeping everyone up to the tanks taking space and letting us advance as a team. I'm excited for the next few games and how we progress."


Fellow captain Cole Rorebeck commented, "These games have shown that we have come far as a team and have improved greatly over the last 6 weeks."


"Overwatch is a team based game, and I say we accomplished just that," detailed Esports member James Blystone.


"Sunday night was huge for us; we took on Butler once again in this Tespa tournament. We took care of business and won 2-0. That led us into our second match against Stephens College. This is the first ever official all women's college Esports team and they have had quite the season, being covered in the media by IGN, The Pentagon, and even ESPN. For us to beat a team with that much hype is incredible especially for a small community college like NCMC. I'm proud of this team and all that we've accomplished together this season. Building this team was the hardest and most difficult challenge I've faced in a long time and results are showing huge achievements as the week's progress," commented NCMC Head Coach Chris Flowers.